Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1

Animal habitats: Groups will learn about two different extreme habitats in which animals live. They will learn about how different animals are able to survive within these different conditions and how they are adapted to living there. A range of artefacts will be used to complement the session.

Classifications: An introduction to the five different classifications of vertebrate animals. This session aims to teach students how to identify different key features of different classifications of animals. Students will be given the chance to handle a range of artefacts from different classifications.

Minibeast madness: Students will learn about different minibeasts which you find within a range of different habitats. They will be encouraged to use an identification key and tally chart whilst looking for their own minibeasts during the course of the session.

Our rainforests: This session is based on the different layers found within our rainforests; it focuses on the differences between each layer and looks at what animals you may find living there and what adaptations they have which make them suited to living within each of these different layers. Students will get to handle a range of artefacts which complement the session.

Animal diets: Students will learn about the different types of diets animals have, this session looks at what diets are and why there are different diets. The group will be able to handle different artefacts relating to this topic during the session.

Lifecycles: This session focuses on the different life cycles of mammals (including humans), birds, reptiles, fish and insects. It looks at the different lifecycles stages each category goes through during their life. Students are able to get hands-on with a range of artefacts which complement the session.

Tailor made: Sessions can be made to compliment learning taking place within the school. Alternatively, the education staff can put together a fun and informative session using the resources available within the WILD centre.

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