Donations & Support

Donations & Support

As a charity, the Zoo relies on donations to carry on with conservation work both at the Zoo and in situ

National Zoological Society of Wales Appeal

Your Zoo Needs You

The Welsh Mountain Zoo - Bringing Conservation to Life for 58 years

The COVID 19 crisis has caused the Zoo serious financial damage and, whilst the road ahead is long and uncertain, reopening is a great first step as we begin our recovery journey.

The Zoo charity's running costs whilst we have been closed were in excess of £100,000 per month. Combine this with lost income whilst we were closed, and the crisis we now find ourselves in, is the worst the Zoo has ever faced in its 58-year history.

The future of the Zoo and our work with over 140 species is now in peril. Our help for the conservation of lemurs in Madagascar, red pandas in Nepal, snow leopards in the Himalayas and Sumatran tigers is now under threat. And here in Wales, our work to conserve red squirrels and pine martens and to rescue and rehabilitate seals, may now have to end. We still desperately need your support.

The support we have received to date has been phenomenal. We are truly humbled by what many of you have done to help the National Zoological Society of Wales. This highlights to us how important you think the work that we do is, and how now, more than ever, we need to ensure it continues.

To those of you who have donated we say a massive thank you. In this once again difficult time, we urge you to help us by spreading the word to encourage others to give. If you havent already donated, please consider supporting our appeal. Whether you give a little or give a lot, the assistance you provide will help us to continue the care for our animals and the conservation projects we support.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all once again.

Your ongoing support has been, and will continue to be, so greatly received.

Your ongoing support has been, and will continue to be, so greatly received.

If you wish to donate now, please click here.

Leaving the Welsh Mountain Zoo in your will

When writing your Will, we understand that who you want to include in your Will is personal.

Those close to you must always be your priority, but it is possible to provide for your loved ones first, then leave a gift to the National Zoological Society of Wales which will ensure we can continue the vital work we do to sustain a better future for the animals in our care and the conservation of animals in the wild for generations to come.

As a registered charity, The National Zoological Society of Wales relies completely on donations in order to support vital conservation projects worldwide. Your gift can really make a difference to help us support endangered species which in some cases are facing extinction in the wild. Any size of gift will help us to continue our charitable work.

A legacy is one of the best gifts you can give us, as it provides a secure resource for our future. It can take the form of money or property. Such a legacy can be directed generally to the Society’s finances, allowing the Trustees to decide how best to allocate it to further our charitable objectives. Alternatively, you may prefer to specify a species, or area of activity eg. education, that you would like to benefit.

Leaving a legacy to the National Zoological Society of Wales is actually very simple. Your solicitor will be able to help you amend an existing will to include The National Zoological Society of Wales as a beneficiary.

Your solicitor will simply need our name, address and our registered charity number:

National Zoological Society of Wales

Registered Charity No. 514108

National Zoological Society of Wales

Old Highway

Colwyn Bay

North Wales

LL28 5UY

A specific amount of money that you would like to leave to the National Zoological Society of Wales. Remember that inflation will reduce the value of these gifts over the years, so it is wise to revise them from time to time.

A specific item, including land / property, that you would like to leave to us. You will have to describe this item very precisely in your will.

The remainder of your estate after you have specified all your pecuniary and specific bequests. If you do not specify what you would like to happen to this, the law will make the decision on your behalf.

If you would like to see your gift go to a zoo project specifically you can stipulate this by asking your solicitor to word it as a "Purpose gift to the National Zoological Society of Wales". As things can change, we would recommend that you do not name a particular species. We would suggest that you contact us to assist you with how you word such a gift. Please remember, that you do not pay any inheritance tax on any gifts to a charity.

A valid up-to-date will is the only way to ensure your wishes are carried out in the future so it is worth taking the time to sort this out. You can then be sure that your loved ones are provided for and that you can support any charities that you really care about.

Legacy Example:

Generations of Chimpanzees at the Welsh Mountain Zoo will benefit from the fact that in 1990 the zoo charity received two generous legacies from two individuals who remembered the animals in their wills.

These donations made possible the provision of underfloor heating and play equipment in Chimpanzee World. You can choose to leave a fixed amount (which is known as a pecuniary legacy) or a percentage of the residue of your estate (a residual legacy) to the charity.

Please pledge your gift today for the endangered species that need your help in the future.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of leaving a legacy please contact us by;

Telephone: 01492 532 938 ext 3.

Write to us:

Nick Jackson - CEO,

National Zoological Society of Wales,

Old Highway

Colwyn Bay

North Wales

LL28 5UY


This will assist us with our long-term planning. Contacting us does not commit you to anything; it is simply a statement of your present wishes and will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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